President Obama has delivered his federal budget for 2013 to Capitol Hill, taking to the campaign trail right after to highlight the investments he wants to make in education and worker training.

FOX News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz reports from Annandale, Virginia:

Just a few hours after dropping it off with Congress, President Obama is out on the campaign trail defending his budget as making cuts, but also investments.

(President Obama) "We can't just cut our way into growth."

The President, here at a northern Virginia community college, highlighting his proposal to spend $8 billion over three years to train workers for skilled jobs.

(President Obama) "Here in America, we've got the best workers and some of the fastest growing companies in the world.  There's no reason we can't connect the two."

The President would pay for much of it with higher taxes on wealthier Americans - an end to the Bush tax rates for higher earners, a new 30% minimum tax level for incomes over $1 million and a higher tax on dividends.

In Annandale, Virginia, Mike Majchrowitz, FOX News Radio.

WATCH GOP reaction to the President's budget HERE:

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