Companies that want to take over passenger screening at airports from the TSA may have an easier time getting future contracts under a new bill being considered in the U.S. Senate.

FOX Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington in our ongoing series on national security:

Under the legislation, there is a provision that allows airports to replace TSA screeners with private screeners.  During some heated testimony on the Hill, Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee warned that history might repeat itself.

(Jackson Lee) "Let us not forget the lessons of the past, one of which is that the system of privatized screeners failed us on 9/11."

A year ago, as a record number of airports tried to opt out of the TSA program, Homeland Security put a freeze on the process.  Under the legislation, TSA would be required to reconsider applications for private screeners.

In Washington, Catherine Herridge, FOX News Radio.

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