When an employee isn't up to snuff, it's not uncommon for them to lose their job.  And in customer service industries, it's not that different---except it's up to the customer to do the firing.  So if you feel that your doctor isn't doing their job well, what can you do to let them go?

FOX's Colleen Cappon reports in today's "Housecall for Health":

Respect and trust are essential to any relationship, especially with your doctor.  But what if you feel it's time to "break up?"  According to top medical consultants, if your doctor has a blemished record, an uncomfortable bedside manner or is never available, you might want to consider making a switch.

However, you should make a "pro's" and "con's" list.  If you feel you have a quality physician, assess if you can look past some of the less desirable qualities.

Housecall for Health, I'm Colleen Cappon, FOX News Radio.