He was the trainer of boxing legends. Angelo Dundee, who worked the corner for Muhammad Ali, died Wednesday in Tampa, Florida.

FOX News Radio's Bill Vitka reports:

Angelo Dundee was the best cornerman in boxing, and the man who made Muhammad Ali.

He had other students in the ring: Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pastrano, and others.

But with Ali, Dundee was more than trainer, but also a counselor and confidant.

(Dundee) "He was a unique, special human being. There'll never be another Muhammad Ali and, you know what, there'll never be another Ray Leonard."

Dundee and Ali were a double act from the time he was Cassius Clay, fighting only his second pro fight in 1960 until, 21 years later, when he was beaten by Trevor Berbick.

Over the course of 60-fights, Dundee stayed, even as others quit because of the punishment Ali was taking to his body.

Dundee says he stayed to make sure he didn't get hurt bad.

Angelo Dundee was 90.

Bill Vitka, FOX News Radio