A cat causes a commotion aboard a passenger jet at Halifax Airport in Canada. The roaming feline escaped its cage, causing a long delay for those on board.

FOX News Radio's Joy Piazza has the details:

Air Canada Flight 603 was about to take off from Nova Scotia to Toronto, but a cat named Ripples decided he wanted to stretch his legs.

Owner Debbie Harris says he hopped out of his carrier during boarding.

(Harris)"One of the bat things wasn't snapped down and I didn't know so when I walked on the plane it let loose."

It took crew members hours to find the elusive kitty, but Ripples eventually found his own hiding spot... in the cockpit behind the delicate navigation and avionics systems. 

(Harris)"He took off into the cockpit... nestled down."

Luckily, crew members say Ripples didn't rip into any of the wiring. And after a four hour delay, the plane finally took off.

Joy Piazza, FOX News Radio