A former CIA officer has been formally charged with leaking the identity of a covert CIA Interrogator who questioned al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah - one of three detainees to be waterboarded.

FOX Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington in our ongoing series on national security:

Former CIA Officer John Kiriakou made an initial appearance in a Virginia Federal court, where the bail was set at $250,000.  He's accused of leaking the identity of the covert operative who interrogated a senior al-Qaeda leader.  In a 2007 interview with FOX, Kiriakou defended the Bush Administration tactic.

(Kiriakou) "Honestly, I don't think the Administration crossed over the line.  I will admit that I'm a Democrat, something I'm proud of.  But I don't think waterboarding was a bad idea in 2002 when it came up."

Kiriakou's lawyer said they are reviewing the charges and plan to plead not guilty.

In Washington, Catherine Herridge, FOX News Radio