The other Republican presidential candidates have been pressuring Mitt Romney about his tax returns. Today, Romney released them.

FOX News Radio's Steve Rappoport reports:

From America's Election Headquarters...

Bowing to increased pressure, Mitt Romney proclaimed on FOX News Sunday...

(Romney)"I will release my tax returns for 2010, on Tuesday of this week. I'll also release at the same time, an estimate for 2011 tax returns."

...And the Republican candidate delivering.

Campaign records released early today show Romney earned nearly $22 million in each of the last two years. Most of that money coming from capital gains and investments.

The former Massachusetts Governor paid Uncle Sam about $3 million dollars in taxes for 2010 and owes an estimated $3.2 million for last year.

His effective tax rate, 15.4%.

Steve Rappoport, FOX News Radio