If you've flown, you know that getting through airport security can sometimes be a hassle.  That applies to U.S. Senators, as well, as one - the son of a Presidential candidate and outspoken critic of some TSA procedures - found out first hand on Monday.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster has details:

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul finally made it to Washington after missing a flight in Nashville.  He set off an alarm, with a scanner finding something wrong with his knee.

(Paul) "I said 'I'm happy to show you my leg,' and I showed them my leg, but that wasn't good enough.  They wanted to do a pat down."

He said no.

(Paul) "I said, 'Well, I'm happy to go through the rescreen and walk through the screener again,' and they wouldn't let me.  So then I was detained in an area, and told if I use my phone I got the full body pat down."

He says he didn't want special treatment, just that airport security shouldn't be spending so much time with people who wouldn't attack us.

A TSA spokesman says any irregularity in the screening process must be resolved before the passenger's allowed in a secure area.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.