Man Shoots Nail Into Brain

    An Illinois man thought his doctors were joking when they told him he had a nail in his brain.

    FOX News Radio’s Karyn Regal reports:

    Dante Autullo was working with a nail gun at home when he accidentally shot himself in the head. But the 32-year-old man from Orland Park, Illinois didn’t know anything was wrong, thinking he has just knocked the gun into his head.

    He didn’t got to the hospital until his fiancee made him go when he complained of nausea the next day.

    An X-ray later revealed at three-and-a-quarter inch nail knocked in his brain, just a millimeter from the area of the brain that controls motor function.

    Autullo is recovering after undergoing surgery to remove the nail.

    Karyn Regal, FOX News Radio