What is on the minds of South Carolina's voters going into Saturday's primary?

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson found some not-so-typical responses in Charleston, South Carolina:

From America's Election Headquarters...

(VOTER)"Still lookin'... still lookin'."

That woman on Charleston's restaurant-filled King Street is still shopping for candidate. Others I talked to are ready to talk not just about the people running, but the issues that will influence their votes.

(Voter)"I certainly have to be concerned about budget defecits, the amount of debt that the country has incurred.

(Voter)"Gay marriage, abortion. They're important to me. Education."

(Voter)"Human dignity, justice, peace."

Others are feeling discouraged by today's choices, but not just in the Republican primary. This woman believes politicians start out with the best intentions.

(Voter)"But you get corrupted. Just like it's been done for years and years and years, and the same things happen over and over and over again."

In Charleston, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio