There are still plenty of undecided voters in South Carolina. But there are also plenty of Democrats, as well as some staying on the sidelines.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson has more from America's Election Headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina:

From America's Election Headquarters:

(Voter) "When they stop mudslinging each other, then I'll see what they got to offer."

The sentiment of a few potential voters. Three days before the South Carolina primary. Some have decided; like this Newt Gingrich supporter:

(Gingrich supporter) "I like the fact that he's passionate about things. I like the fact that he would actually do it."

But there are also a lot of Democrats here in Charleston. This woman watching the other side with bewilderment:

(Democrat) "I gotta tell ya I'm glad I'm not a Republican considering they don't have much to choose from."

Others, aren't paying attention at all:

(MOS) "I have no idea, sorry."

And this young woman is just discouraged with the entire process:

(Discouraged voter) "So I don't vote, and I think it's irrelevant."

In Charleston, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.