Arkansas authorities have arrested a man they say tried to force an elderly woman to withdraw money from her bank by attaching what he said was a bomb to her ankle.  This after he kidnapped the woman and her husband.

FOX News Radio's Don Mathisen has details:

The Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff says Paul Bradley broke into Herbert and Betty Davis' home.  He duct taped Herbert to a chair, and then put a bomb - which proved to be fake - on Betty Davis' leg and ordered her to the bank to withdraw money.

Once at the bank, she told employees about the device on her leg, and then she ran out of the building because she didn't want them to get hurt.

(Davis) "It's so unusual.  This is a quiet neighborhood, and for anything like that to happen here."

The alleged assailant is charged with burglary, theft and two counts of kidnapping.

Don Mathisen, FOX News Radio.