Voters are out in New Hampshire, casting ballots for their choice to be the Republican nominee for President.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from Manchester, NH:

It was easy to find at least one voter for every candidate this morning, but no matter who the candidate, voters were near-unanimous in expressing their top concerns going into the voting booth.

(Voters) "Pretty much the health care I'm worried about, yeah.//Economy's it.//My vote's a secret, but I care about the economy the most right now."

Perhaps bad news to the two remaining candidates actively courting Evangelical Christians.  In fact, Rick Perry's been in South Carolina since Sunday.  Rick Santorum is here, but not expected to do well in the New Hampshire primary.

In Manchester, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.

Though Mitt Romney holds a big lead in polls, supporters are showing up in force for different candidates around the state, including these Ron Paul supporters in Manchester:

WATCH more about the New Hampshire primary's battle for 2nd place HERE:

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