After a victory in the Iowa Caucus Tuesday night, Mitt Romney continues to gain momentum. Romney secured an endorsement from Senator John McCain, who won New Hampshire's Primary just four years ago.

FOX News Radio's Marga Bessette reports from Manchester Central High in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Romney's back on the campaign train in Manchester, accompanied by Senator McCain. During a town hall, he and the former Massachusetts Governor asked the crowd to help him win the Primary with more than eight votes this time, and then got right down to business saying his belief in restoring America is job number one.

(Romney) "I don't want to transform America into something we wouldn't recognize. I want to restore America. I love this country. I love its future."

Questions from the crowd also focused on healthcare and the military. Romney says he would repeal Obamacare and invest in the military to prevent wars and care for veterans.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, Marga Bessette, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on Romney's win in Iowa HERE:

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