FOX News Radio is in Times Square, bringing you all the energy of one of the nation's most well-known celebrations.  More than a million people pack into The Crossroads of the World (and beyond, all the way up to Central Park)...but what if you've never been?

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig is in Times Square with these behind-the-scenes videos:

Let There Be a Ball! (6pm ET)

When the crowds arrive, the ball that is the center of attention on New Year's Eve is noticeably absent.  But at 6pm, the World's Largest Crystal Ball makes a grand entry.

Bringing You The News!

Streets packed with people...not a radio studio in sight.  So how do we bring you all our coverage --- both on the radio and online --- from the heart of Times Square?

Entertaining the Masses

The crowds start arriving in Times Square by early in the afternoon --- for some that means 12 hours standing in one place!  But just how do you entertain more than a million people for hours on end, especially when you want them to be uber-energetic at midnight?

Freebies...And a Special Guest!

The reward for standing for hours in the cold: being able to ring in the New Year in Times Square...and some freebies.  And in addition to the swag, we came across a special guest: FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes!


And now, finally, the moment more than a million people here in Times Square --- and everyone tuned in at home --- has been waiting for: midnight!  Happy 2012!

Happy New Year from everyone here at FOX News Radio!