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Some kids trying to run from the cops after breaking into houses found they couldn't run very far, all because of their big baggy pants.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports:

Jewelry and TV's have been stolen from homes on Detroit's west side.  So when neighbors saw some teenagers hiding in bushes, they called police who gave chase when the five jumped into a car.  The car crashed, and boys tried to run.  The key word being 'tried'.  Pointing almost to his knees, one witness says of the jeans that the suspects were wearing:

Witness: "They were down here that's why he fell in the parking lot and they caught another one in the alley right here.  Oh, the sag was bad."

All five saggy jeans suspects now face charges.  One victim says:

Victim: "Somebody was gonna kill 'em. Someday they was gonna go in the wrong house and they momma was gonna have on her black dress and that's the truth."

A resident's message for the teens:

"Go get a job, go to school, pull your pants up, and you'll be a better person."

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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