What's the price tag for waging a media campaign for President? Some of the numbers are now coming in.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from America's Election Headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa:

From America's Election Headquarters:

Ten million dollars, just in December.  And, December isn't even over.  (campaign ad sounds) The Des Moines Register says the money leader here in Iowa is Rick Perry, spending nearly three million dollars to air nine different campaign ads.  And the super pac that supports him has spent another one and a third million.  Now, most candidates are trying to air positive ads. (Perry ad sound) while the super pacs airing the attack ads (ad sound) even though you have to listen very carefully to know that.  (ad sound) Last year's Supreme Court ruling in the 'Citizens United' case lets the super pacs raise unlimited amounts of money, but bans them from coordinating with the campaigns. (ad sound)

In Des Moines, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.