New Year's Eve is a day to move from the past to the future.  And on the iconic ball in Times Square, A special piece of the past is getting a new home for the future.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig got to see it up close:

The New Year's Eve ball is 12 feet in diameter, big enough to hold more than 2,600 individual Waterford Crystal triangles.  Each of those triangles has a theme on it, and every year, 288 of them are replaced with a new theme.  This year, the triangles being replaced have an extra special meaning.

(Strauss) "So, this being the 10th year of 9/11, we actually were very honored to have the 2001 "Hope for Healing" triangles actually accepted into the 9/11 Memorial and Museum."

...Countdown Entertainment's Jeffrey Strauss.  The theme going up this year: "Let There Be Friendship."

Atop One Times Square, Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

Among the 288 9/11-inspired triangles removed from the ball are a panel dedicated to the World Trade Center, a panel for the Pentagon, one for each of the four airlines who crashed that day and one for every country who had a citizen killed in the terror attacks.