This week, we begin a new round of reports in our special Election series, “What Would They Do?”  In this close-up of the GOP Presidential candidates, we take a look at where each stands on the issue of national security.

FOX News Radio’s Rich Johnson begins this series with Michele Bachmann:

From America’s Election Headquarters:

(Bachmann) “I firmly believe very strongly in America being the military superpower of the world.”

Michele Bachmann tells me, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, she’s the only candidate with foreign policy experience.

(Bachmann) “And our President has to be cognizant, and know what to do to keep our people safe.  I will.  I am the only candidate that is currently involved in this issue.”

On specific issues, Bachmann pledges a “nuance-free” relationship with Israel.  She opposes Palestinian statehood.  She calls the U.S. relationship with Pakistan “complicated.”  Accuses China of widespread intellectual property theft, industrial espionage and cyberattacks against the West.  And Michele Bachmann pledges to build a full fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.