The reading, writing, and arithmetic done in one Indiana school district has gone all digital.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper files this FOX on Tech report from Munster, Indiana:

FOX On Tech:

It's a 7th grade classroom but listen:

"Click on those so it forces it all over to your done pile".

The school district here in Munster, Indiana has gone digital; laptops instead of textbooks. When given the green light, tech mentor Theresa Dristas says they had only 3 months to jump in, but it went well.

Dristas: "Because we weren't adopting computers, we were adopting curriculum".

So, everyone adapted quickly.

IT Director Jarek Pozdzal also says:

Pozdzal: "The classrooms were pre-wired for student computers so we were able to reuse a lot of the existing wiring."

Still, thousands of laptops to set-up though. Just minor glitches so far. Project Lead Rob Bradford says instead of "the dog ate my homework":

Bradford: "The dog has eaten chargers, that does happen now."

In Munster, Indiana, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.