The holiday shopping season has begun.  After record Black Friday sales, shoppers are locking in the savings with Cyber Monday specials.  But anyone looking to buy the dozen items featured in one famous Christmas song will need some deep pockets - and it's not the five golden rings that will set you back the most.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony explains:

This Christmas, if your true love gives to you...

((A partridge in a pear tree.))

...that'll only cost 'em $15.  But if they also buy you...

((12 drummers drumming...))

...they better be rich.  Getting all those things will cost about $24,000.  PNC Wealth Management, which somehow calculates the price of ten Lords a leaping, says that's a 3% increase over last year.  The most expensive item?

((Seven swans a swimming.))

Those swans cost $6300.  By the way, buying everything mentioned over and over as the verses get longer...will cost over $101,000.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.