Here's what's going viral now on Facebook:

"Rihanna - We Found Love - POP PUNK Cover"

The video. brought to you by aspiring artist Dave Days.  His YouTube channel mentions that he likes playing, writing, and recording music...and making videos.  This video features Dave playing guitar, and drums on the tune, and serenading his cute, fuzzy black kitten...

Then there's this:

"Teens React to Twilight"

A barrage of teens giving their thoughts on the epic vampire saga... And a brief synopsis of the series... What team are you for?

Finally, Facebook users are hitting the like button on:

"Rebecca Black - Person Of Interest - Official Music Video"

Internet sensation Rebecca Black is back, with the world Premiere Music Video for "Person Of Interest" -- her new song.  The video,  shot in an amusement park, features Rebecca and her "person of interest" - a guy with a Beiber-esque haircut - playing skeeball and riding go-karts.

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