Tomorrow is the big day: Thanksgiving.  You get your family all around the table, present the turkey and all the trimmings --- which will be delicious if you've checked out our turkey and stuffing tips.  But there's one more key item: gravy.  It can make a mediocre bird good, and a good one great.

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo has one acclaimed chef's secret to a groovy gravy:

Top Louisiana chef John Besh says for great gravy, forget about the roasting rack.

(Besh) "Take your turkey, and you set it on chopped up onions, and some garlic, and some celery and some carrots in there."

Pour a 1/4- to a 1/2-inch of water into that roasting pan.  That'll keep the drippings from burning and help create the base of the gravy.

(Besh) "After you roast the turkey, you have all of that goodness with the vegetables underneath.  I like to take just a little bit of flour, sprinkle it over the top, stir it up, pour it into a pan, cook it for a few minutes."

And add a touch more chicken stock or turkey broth as needed.

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Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.

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