A convenience store in Maryland was targeted for a coordinated robbery and it was all caught on tape.

FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter reports:

Dozens of teenagers are seen in the security video.  Pouring into a 7-11 in Silver Spring, Maryland and stealing everything they could get.

"It's just another, another kick for the next generation for us to worry about."

He's a customer at the store.  Police won't call it a 'Flash Mob', saying it wasn't organized through social media, but instead at a birthday party.

"The parents just don't show up man. They just don't help the kids, you know it's a lack of respect, that's what it really is."

Police want the public to look at the video to help them find the suspects.  Security cameras led officers to find most of the suspects in a similar robbery in nearby Germantown, Maryland last summer.

Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.

For more on this story, watch the VIDEO HERE:

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