Here's what's going viral now on Facebook:

"Snow White and the Huntsman - Teaser Trailer."

This action-adventure, featuring Twilight's Kristen Stewart and Oscar winner Charlize Theron, centers on the struggle for power between Snow White and the evil queen.  Thor's Chris Hemsworth also stars, joined by dwarves including Ian McShane and Eddie Izzard.  Don't get too excited, though - the film is still in production and isn't slated to hit theaters until next June.

Then there's this:

"Notorious B.I.G. calms down crying baby - original."

How do you calm down a crying baby?  A little Notorious B.I.G. goes a long way, apparently.  This proud papa shows off his tyke's taste in music.  The bouncing baby goes from a crying mess to wide-eyed and calm almost instantly.  We don't know if that will change when the baby finds out "Biggy" died in 1997.

Finally, Facebook users are hitting the "like" button on:

"Michael J. Fox Playing "Johnny B. Goode" LIVE!"

The actor took to the stage with his guitar during a fundraiser for his Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.  He shows off his skills with the six-string, rocking out to Marty McFly's rendition of the Chuck Berry classic, just like in his 1985 movie, "Back to the Future."

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