The House fell short of the two-thirds majority it needed to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment. The Constitutional Amendment would have forced Congress to balance its budget every year. 

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from Washington DC:

The vote was 261 Yes, 165 No: 23 votes shy of the two-thirds majority needed to pass a Constitutional Amendment.

Scalise: "A Balanced Budget Amendment will finally bring permanent accountability in place to force Washington to start living within its means"

Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise says deficit spending is holding America back. North Carolina Democrat Mel Watt says, all we really need is a little legislative maturity.

Watt: "Let's grow up in this institution.  Act responsibility, make tough decisions."

It was the first Congressional vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment in 16 years, when it fell one Senate vote short of approval.

In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.