The nation's debt tab officially hit $15 trillion dollars Wednesday.  This as the clock ticks down for Congress to find just $1 trillion in spending cuts.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Stone has more from Washington DC:

New urgency to cut spending as the U.S. debt hits 15 trillion dollars. Congressman Jeb Hensarling, Republican Co-Chair of the so called Supercommittee says he needs to see:

Hensarling: "A commitment to structural reform of a program that I believe fundamentally is beginning to ration healthcare for my parents."

Democratic Co-Chair, Senator Patty Murray saying the cuts need to be balanced by raising revenue.

Murray: "We are still working very hard to get to a fair and balanced deal."

If members can't find $1.2 trillion in cuts by Thanksgiving, more than a trillion of automatic cuts kick in.

In Washington, Jessica Stone, FOX News Radio.