The Rick Perry gaffe during last week's Presidential debate focuses attention on a very common problem: the brain freeze.

FOX News Radio's Hank Weinbloom has today's "Housecall for Health":

It happened to Rick Perry...

"Uhhh, the uhhhh..."

And it's probably happened to you, too.  Did you forget where you parked the car?  Brain experts say a stressful situation can cause brain freeze.  Or it could be you're distracted by something, causing you to forget the matter at hand, or a jumble-up of similar memories.  After all, Governor Perry speaks often about spending cuts, and may have lost track of which specific one he was talking about.

"I can't...the third one I can't...sorry. Oops."

Housecall for Health, I'm Hank Weinbloom, FOX News Radio.