Here's what's going viral now on Facebook:

"French Bulldog snoring."

The life of a dog is tough.  You wake up, eat a little, demand a walk, chase your tail for a bit, take a nap, and then those darn kids come along...  Like this six-month-old, who found her French Bulldog  asleep like a...well, like a dog on the couch.  And the girl can't stop giggling at the pooch's snore.  Poor animals, such a tough life, can't catch a moment's peace!

Then there's this:

"Lily's Disneyland Surprise."

Like a scene straight from a Disney commercial, this mom plans to surprise Lily for her 6th birthday with a trip to the amusement park.  She opens up her backpack to a bunch of clues... And eventually, she gets the news... Her reaction?  Yes, those are tears of joy.

Finally, Facebook users are hitting the like button on:

"Dancing Grounds Crew Member at 2011 World Series Game 4 Rangers Cardinals."

It's the end of the 6th inning at the Rangers Ballpark at Arlington, and the grounds crew is out to prep the field for the final 3 innings of the game.  Music's playing, and sometimes that music gets to you...and you just have  And so this guy does, dropping his rake in the infield, and breaking out the moves.  Everything from some moonwalking to the worm.  The crowd loves it, and apparently so do the Rangers, who won the game.  Unfortunately for this guy, he can't dance between innings in St. Louis, where the Cardinals won Games 6 & 7, taking the World Series.

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