All we hear about is how awful the Tea Party is. How it’s full of bigots and haters and loons.

With no proof, really, whatsoever.

If anything, Tea Party rallies are filled with hard working, dedicated, concerned, family type individuals.

Let’s take a look at the types you find at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

And yet you aren’t supposed to utter a word about the downright DERANGED and VIOLENT behavior of many if not most of them.

Protests continue to get violent and out of control. It’s not unusual for police to have to use tear gas and rubber bullets on these stooges.

Has a rubber bullet–one SINGLE one–had to be fired on a Tea Party member ANYWHERE in America??

Didn’t think so.

You see, the Tea Party can be passionate without crossing the lines into incivility.

The Occupy Wall Street gang have shut down ports in the Bay Area. They are getting in the way of free enterprise, the very thing that keeps this country going at all.

They have put a cafe owner in New York City virtually out of business, having to fire 25% of his staff due to declining business due to the insanity of the protests.

I get 3 weeks vacation a year after virtually 20 years in my career.

How do some of these people SQUAT for weeks and weeks on end?? What jobs do they have?? What schools do they attend?? Who is their guardian or employer or teacher who allows them so much free time to protest ANYTHING?!?!

Wouldn’t YOU love to have that much time off PERIOD??

What’s interesting is that most of the protesters keep griping about how little money they make, how few their opportunities are, etc.

And yet what is the best way to make money and gain opportunities?




Not sitting around with face paint on and a sandwich board on your stomach. Not by defecating in parks and leaving piles of tampons. Not by destroying private property and causing countless damage.


It’s one of the reasons why the Tea Party events have an END TIME.

People have to get home to family and work. Bills need to be PAID.

That’s the real world. Not the childish buffoonery that the Occupiers live in.

One Bay Area leader who helped shut down the 5th largest port in America says they were attempting to stop the flow of capital.

What idiots. Stop the flow of CAPITAL?!?!

Capital is how you EAT, moron. It’s how you survive. Capital is what signs your paycheck. Capital is what you have in your bank hopefully. Capital is what you use to buy your beer and peanuts. Capital is how you keep from going BROKE. Capital is what we use to keep the world MOVING.

Get back to work already. Earn a paycheck. Make yourself useful. Be productive. Make something of yourself other than a spectacle.

You will reap an amazing harvest if you do.