VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of October 28th

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Here's what's going viral for the Holidays now on Facebook:

"Angry Birds Seasons Ham'O'Ween."

Yes, it's those Angry Birds.  In this webseries, the mobile game's main characters head out trick-or-treating...when they run into a NEW Bird.  After a trip through the creepy forest, they arrive at the haunted candy factory.  So is it all treats for our chirpy trio?  Or are they facing the worst of all tricks?  Watch and find out...

For Turkey Day, there's:

"Wild Turkey Chases ABC News Producer Video From - ABC News."

Here's one turkey that has no intention of ending up on anyone's table for Thanksgiving.  Reporters get pushed back from a story location all the time, but this producer for Sacramento's ABC affiliate KXTV finds herself retreating...from a wild turkey.  The gobbler gets aggressive...  A mailman drives in to help...  But just like a dog, this turkey isn't scared off...  The producer eventually finds shelter in her car, but the turkey continues to stalk, peering up over the hood at the frightened woman.

Finally, Facebook users are hitting the like button on a little early Christmas music:

"Justin Bieber - Mistletoe."

The teen heartthrob is back with an album full of holiday tunes.  The first single, "Mistletoe" is tearing up the internet.  The video takes us to a small town for the holiday season.  The Biebs' love interest here is an actress...but she looks an awful lot like his real-life girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

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