Alabama Immigration Law Challenged By DOJ [VIDEO]


The Obama administration says Alabama's new immigration law should not be enforced, in part over its potential impact on school children.  Now, the Department of Justice is getting involved to try to block the law.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Stone reports from Washington DC:

Audio clip:

The Department of Justice asking a Federal Appeals court to "block" the law claiming it will cause new difficulties in routine dealings for people legally in the state.  The law is considered to be the toughest on immigration in the land.  It allows authorities to question and hold without bond, people suspected of being here illegally.  It even lets officials check the immigration status of public school students.  Those two provisions have been upheld in Federal court.

In Washington, Jessica Stone, FOX News Radio.

The farming industry in Alabama is also being seriously impacted by the new law.

For more on this part of the story, watch the VIDEO HERE: