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"Kids React to Star Wars Kid."

In the latest installment of the "Kids React..." series, the youth of America sit down to watch a lone boy practice his Jedi moves...  Our young panel, well they're not really fans of this kids moves...  But can they guess what he was doing?

Then there's:

"'Rick Perry' - A BLR Soundbite."

Imagine watching a politician give a speech...but having the sound off.  If you were trying to read their lips, would it make much sense?  The folks over at Bad Lip Reading have some fun with excerpts from Texas Governor - and Republican Presidential candidate - Rick Perry's addresses.  The voice isn't his...but his lip movements could make you think the words are.

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"Nick Voss - Audition 1 - The XFactor 2011."

"American Idol" alum Simon Cowell has brought his new show "The X-Factor" to the US on FOX.  And among the debut contestants is 21-year-old Floridian Nick Voss...  So he's come to Miami to start the quest for the grand prize, a $5 million record deal.  The judges have been incredibly tough, sending nobody through, but Voss knocks their socks off with his rendition of Elvis' "Trouble"...  We'll see more of him, he's got his spot in the next round.

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