Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“This is Little League Baseball – LF (Left Fielder) Dancing and Jerkin”

In baseball, the idea of “getting down” usually means sliding into a base…but when you’re team is down 20-0 in the Little League World Series, sometimes you’ve just…gotta dance!  The left fielder for Aruba’s team may have lost big to Chinese Taipei, but he’s out there getting down with his bad self.  Besides, it’s great just to make it to Williamsport, right?

Then, there’s this:

“The Hyundai Velostar commercial that got killed.”

It’s from Holland, a commercial for Hyundai’s newest advancement in car safety technology.  A woman in the back seat decides to hop out on a dark, isolated road and walk home.  Naturally, the Grim Reaper is waiting.  She opens the driver’s side door….BAM!  Hit by a truck.  But that can’t happen in the Velostar: it has no rear driver’s side door.  There are two doors on the passenger side, but just one on the driver’s side.  They replay the sequence of events.  Same woman.  Same dark, isolated street.  Same Grim Reaper.  But now he can’t get to her because there’s no door.  See?  Safe.

And Facebook users are hitting the like button on:

“Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber – “Baby” LIVE.”

The country sweetheart has been at LA’s Staples Center for a week’s worth of shows with special guests like Jason Mraz, Ellen Degeneres…and the Biebs.  Much to the delight of the crowd, he pops out and she joins him for his hit “Baby.”   A match made in musical heaven?  The jury’s still out on that one.

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