The clean up begins in the Northeast as what's left of what was Hurricane Irene moves on to the north-northeast.

In hard-hit NJ, the process of making sure everyone is safe continues as well.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports from Northern NJ:

Further south, the tourist destination of Atlantic City sits on a barrier island, which led to mandatory evacuations and a complete shutdown of the state's lucrative gambling businesses.

FOX's Rick Leventhal says casino operators are looking forward to getting back to business as usual on Monday:

In NJ alone, Gov. Chris Christie expects the damage totals to prove costly:

See photos of Hurricane Irene damage & flooding HERE:

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More than 4 million people are without power up and down the eastern seaboard as a result of the storm, many of them in the NYC-NJ tri-state area.

FOX's Julie Banderas has more on the power concerns for NYC:

Hurricane Irene also dumped several inches of rain on the NYC area.

In Washington, officials are working to help the state governments with aid. President Obama addressed the nation on Sunday evening.

FOX News Radio's Jill Nado reports from Washington:

The worst has passed in many states, but the head of FEMA is still urging caution.

FOX News Radio's Jill Nado reports from Washington:

High tides and storm surge flooding remain a very big concern.

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