Hurricane Irene continues to intensify in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Watch VIDEO of Hurricane Irene churning as captured by the International Space Station HERE:

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FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports from Miami:

As hurricane Irene continues to grow, Emergency Management officials along the east coast are watching the storm closely.

Fox News Meteorologist Maria Molina reports:

Irene dumped heavy rains on Puerto Rico and is now predicted to be a category 3 or higher by the time it threatens the U.S. mainland.  A wide variety of preparations are underway, both among residents and the government.

Captain Andy Blomme, Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville (FL), says Coast Guard preps are covering a wide area because of the uncertainty of the storms path, and that any boaters staying out in the storm are taking a big risk:

Miami resident Mitch Vega bought "a little 2,000-watt generator" just in case:

Miami Home Depot Manager Victor George is selling supplies in the event the storm reaches landfall: