Gary Giordano

The lone suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, the Maryland woman missing in Aruba is her travel partner.  After his lawyers argue that investigators have no evidence of Gary Giordano's involvement in the disappearance, an Aruban judge has ordered the American held for an additional 16 days.

Robyn Gardner

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports from Miami:

Giordano (L) w/ Detectives in Aruba on the beach

After the judge's ruling to hold Giordano, Gardner's mother, Andrea Colson, released this statement:

We are confident in the decision made by the Aruban authorities to keep Gary Giordano in custody, and we continue to be pleased with the way they have handled our daughter's case. We are still hoping to find out what has happened to our daughter, as we have not given up hope that she may still be alive.  This has been such a hard time for all of Robyn's family and friends, and we are grateful for all the support that has come from communities around the world.  We just want to find our daughter, and we continue to ask the public for any tips they may have in helping our Robyn come home.