Here's what's going viral now on Facebook.

"Pool Sharks."

Paying homage to Shark Week, actor and musician Chester See brings us a "trailer" for his next film which he'll never make, Pool Sharks.  Oh the dangers of summertime and backyard swimming pools. Yup, these sharks sure have a nasty bite...especially if you've got a doggy bone.

Then, there's this one...

"Mayor Fights Illegally Parked Cars With Tanks."

The next time you're out for a drive in the Lithuania countryside, you might want to make sure you pay attention to the parking laws.  The mayor of the town of Vilnius is looking to deal with a rash of drivers of expensive cars thinking they're above the law and parking running their cars over with a tank The mayor even sweeps up the shattered glass on his way out.

And Facebook users are hitting the like button on...

"Gary Russo - 2nd Ave. Subway Construction Worker."

Meet Gary Russo, the Subway Sinatra.  He's a construction worker, building the new 2nd Ave. subway line in New York City.  But on his lunch breaks, he whips out his microphone and serenades the streets with a little 'Ol Blue Eyes.

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