8 GOP Presidential hopefuls.  1 stage at Iowa State University.  2 hours of questions.

It had a little bit of everything: Candidates taking on President Obama...Candidates taking on each other...Candidates taking on the moderators...and Candidates taking on the issues.

Catch up on the night's event and hear some of what the candidates had to say HERE:

Editor's Note: Here is a list of the candidates and the issue they tackled in this montage, in order:

  1. Mitt Romney on the Debt Deal
  2. Tim Pawlenty on Michele Bachmann
  3. Michele Bachmann on Tim Pawlenty
  4. Newt Gingrich on the Debt Deal
  5. Rick Santorum on the Economy
  6. Ron Paul on Iran/Nuclear Weapons
  7. Herman Cain on Immigration
  8. Jon Huntsman on the Economy