What's going on in Britain?  It's another day of rioting and looting.  Some 16 thousand police have taken to the streets in an attempt to curb the unrest.  Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron even recalled Parliament for an emergency session.

FOX News Radio's Alastair Wanklyn has more from London:

Mike McCarthy of FOX sister network SKY News is also out on the streets of London...

At least 525 arrests have been madefollowing three consecutive days of rioting that has seen businesses looted and even set ablaze.  The violence spreading to other cities in the U.K.

Listen HERE to a compilation of sound from the rioting:

London residents have talked about doing what they can to take back their streets, but it's a difficult task with the intensity of some of the rioting.

This resident of South London describes what he's seen over the past few days...


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