Rioting spreads in London, as Police try to contain looting.  The unrest was triggered by a deadly Police shooting, but Police say that's just a pretext for violence.

FOX News Radio's Alastair Wanklyn reports from London:

The protests stemming from the fatal Police shooting of a local 29 year old man.  The unrest began in Tottenham, but has since spread to areas miles away.  At least 26 Police Officers were injured Sunday, while cars and buses were set on fire.

Listen to sounds of the rioting, HERE:


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The man's death reportedly pushing existing tension between Tottenham-area residents and Police -- to the breaking point.

One protester, had this to say:

Rioting has spread to other areas of London, mostly poorer areas like Clapham.

Hear some of the rioting in Clapham HERE...

Reporter Mark Stone of FOX sister network SKY News is in with the rioters in Clapham...

London Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse tells SKY News that the city needs the public's assistance to crack down on the looting and rioting...