The back and forth in Congress over the debt crisis continued on Saturday.  The Republican controlled House rejected Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Deficit-Reduction Bill.  The vote was 246-173 against the plan.

Listen HERE to what the vote tally sounded like on the House Floor:


FOX's Mike Emanuel has more from Capitol Hill:


House Speaker John Boehner and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell appeared at a news conference together on Saturday following the defeat of the Reid plan in the House.

Listen to clips from Speaker John Boehner HERE:


Senator McConnell seemed optimistic that a compromise could be reached.

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Senator Harry Reid also held a news conference following the vote and seemed less hopeful that a deal was going to be reached soon.

Listen to clips from Senator Harry Reid HERE:



Following his media availability, the Majority Leader attended a closed-door meeting at the White House with President Obama.

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