Mourners gathered in the streets of Oslo remember the 76 lives lost in last Friday's terror attacks.

Listen HERE to the crowd singing:


Sky News Correspondent Alastair Bunkall of FOX's sister network reports from Oslo, Norway:

Even as the victims are remembered, the investigation continues into how these attacks could have happened in the first place.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither has more on that part of the story from Oslo, Norway:

President Obama went to the Norwegian Ambassador's residence Tuesday to sign the condolence book for the victims of the recent attacks.

The President's note reads:

"To the people of Norway- we are heartbroken by the tragic loss of so many people, particularly youth with the fullness of life ahead of them. No words can ease the sorrow but please know that the thoughts and prayers of all Americans are with the people of Norway, and that we will stand beside you every step of the way." -Barack Obama