Here's what's going viral now on Facebook.

"Kid Dancing to Thriller at Safeco Field."

In this video, a kid at Seattle's Safeco Field, doing the Thriller Dance - ala Michael Jackson - and makes it on the big screen.  The crowd goes crazy for his moves, so much so that once play resumed, the crowd gave him a huge ovation!

Then, there's this one...

"Can't Hug Every Cat - A Song About Loving Cats."

In the remixed vide, done by the folks at Songify, you'll see Debbie The Online Dater - who's just overwhelmed with her love of cats - sing about how much she loves really does love them.

And Facebook users are hitting the like button on...

"Crazy Marriage Proposal - Guy falls off building!!!"

In this video, you see Josh wanting to propose to his girlfriend, Brooke, in a unique fashion - he falls off the ledge of a building where they are hanging out with a bunch of their friends!  Brooke almost has a heart attack... and then comes to find that it's all been staged, and though Josh did fall, he landed softly on the ground below.

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