The crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis begins another day... waking up to the song "More" by Matthew West.

Listen HERE to wake up song "More" by Matthew West:

The 4 member crew - is making good time with their mission... ahead of schedule tranferring food and other supplies to the ISS. Even more time will be granted with the addition of an extra day to the mission. Station Flight Director Courtenay McMillan says they'll be able to bring more station supplies back to Earth than originally planned, among other tasks.

Listen to McMillan, HERE:

Only station members will be participating in today's spacewalk. Atlantis members providing a support role. The ongoing mission is NASA's 135 and final space mission.

ISS Residents Ron Garan and Mike Fossum took a walk in space... their mission - to remove a faulty ammonia pump from the station and attach the robotic refueling mission.

Listen to them, HERE: