The crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis will spend their first full day aboard the International Space Station:

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports:

Day four of the final shuttle mission got off to a heart - pounding start as the members of the ISS and Atlantis were awakened by British Punk-Pop group Chumbawama and their hit from the 90's "Tubthumping."

Listen to the wake-up call, here:

The song was for Mission Specialist Sandy Magnus. The crew of both the ISS and Atlantis worked to install the 12 1/2 ton Raffaello Logistics Module to a port on the space station. The Module is packed with spare parts, food and other supplies meant to sustain the station through 2012.

Leroy Cain, Deputy Manager of the Space Shuttle program, says the mission is proceeding smoothly...

The crew will conduct their only spacewalk---the final spacewalk with a shuttle docked to the ISS---on Tuesday.  NASA has also decided to extend the mission one extra day.  Atlantis is now scheduled to land on July 21st.