There she goes!  Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off.  It's the final launch for the Shuttle program.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown and Mitch Davis report from Cape Canaveral:

Four Astronauts are riding Atlantis, bound for the International Space Station, making one final supply run.

Just before liftoff - Atlantis' crew of four told Mission Control they are ready.

Listen here:

This final launch brings to an end the 30 year old Space Shuttle Program.

After days of gloomy forecasts full of rain and heavy cloud cover, the spaceship lifted off just 2 1/2 minutes late on the 135th Shuttle Mission.

Listen here to sound from NASA Mission Control:

Atlantis is scheduled to come home on July 20th after 12 days in orbit. It will be retired and stay at Kennedy Space Center.