TOM’S INBOX 7/7/11

Here is the problem with a “jury of our peers”: the decades of the dumbing down of America has resulted in a lack of critical thinking, an inability to see the. forest, etc.  We will be seeing more nullification, headscratching verdicts, etc.  
Tom, you are thinking like an old school American.  This is the new America where the thought police are on patrol.  They DO care about the reason you may have done something.  Due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the so called Hate Crime legislation, it now matters if you attack someone because they are a special needs protected species.
What about the parents is Casey going to turn around and sue her parents in a civil suit for the death of the child?????


Since Casey behaved in an unreasonable fashion compared to any mother whose child died by accident, you have to conclude that the child’s death was by some cause other than an accident.  The only explanation for her actions would be that she was mentally impaired because of incest or abuse, which there was zero evidence put forth by the defense.  As such, the Jury has not following the law because it would have been unreasonable for her to act in the way she did, unless they were justifying it by abuse that supposed to be ignored under the law.