Judge Belvin Perry in the Casey Anthony murder trial spent the morning scolding both Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors for wasting time as they argue about legal issues.  He then recessed until 9AM Tuesday morning.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports from the Courthouse in Orlando:

Listen HERE to more of what Judge Belvin Perry had to say:

Here is a summary of the Casey Anthony Trial: Day 23 from FOX Producer Kathleen Reuschle who was in the courtroom for the proceedings:

Judge Belvin Perry abruptly announced court was in recess - just before 11AM Monday morning after a lengthy chambers session with Attorneys and non-stop whispering and scrambling at the Defense table.

Perry was not happy from the get-go when Attorneys asked to approach the bench when court commenced at 9AM.

Both Defense Attorney Jose Baez and Prosecutor Jeffrey Ashton's arguments before the court only added to Perry's aggravation.

Baez re-called Forensic Anthropologist Dr. William Rodriguez to the stand; (who was asked to stand-down suddenly on Saturday when Ashton objected his opinion hadn't been disclosed to the prosecution). Judge Perry told Baez this was a violation of his court order to disclose all witness opinions. He said he would allow the testimony however, so as not to not unfairly penalize Casey for her Attorney's miss-step. Perry indicated, though, that "lightening does not strike twice" and that if Baez violated the order repeatedly he would be forced to exclude his witness' testimony going forward.  The Judge ordered Mr. Rodriguez to be deposed on Saturday and testify today (Monday).

However as soon as Baez went forward, Ashton objected again - saying he needed more time after having only received the transcript from the deposition Sunday.

Perry granted Ashton's request for more time and laced into the Attorneys for wasting Jurors' time and playing games. He announced the Attorneys need to arrive at 8:30AM from now on, and will work a full day on Saturday. He told Baez that witness "exclusion" just might be the proper remedy if court order violations continue.

Ashton had alerted the Judge that a second Defense witness Dr. Eichenbloom- a Trace DNA Expert had come to his office over the weekend and he turned him away - having received no reports from the Defense to conduct a proper deposition..

He said he was prepared to file a sanction package against Baez.

Baez retorted Ashton was failing in his professional responsibilities to take depositions and was not only going after a "human life" (Casey) but "her attorney too".


"Enough is enough- both sides need to be forewarned - exclusion - even at the price of doing it all over again - exclusion may be the proper remedy if it continues". (Defense violating court order to disclose all opinions)

"I have a sequestered jury who live under severe restrictions and if you all don't want to act professional I will work u very full days - restrict your lunches - but all of this folks is going to stop or you will be working some very fierce days so be prepared Saturday to go the whole day".

"Yes there has been gamesmanship in this case and it is quite evident that there is friction between Attorneys- that is something the Florida bar will deal with - and will decide what violations have occurred."

As the Defense team exited the court it was evident their next witness had arrived, but they would not comment on what had transpired.

Judge Belvin Perry signed an amended order barring Juror's names from being released and was filed with the Court Clerk Monday. He had signed the initial order on May 13th - so this was a second warning.

Attorneys for infamous newly-filed Defense witness Vasco Thompson also filed a motion to squash subpoena. - said he was scheduled to testify Tuesday at 8:30AM

Casey was seen very animated at her table during a long recess whispering and making hand gestures and talking with Assistant Attorney Dorothy Sims.

George Anthony was seen reading his Bible.