A suspect is in custody after police investigated a vehicle containing a suspicious package parked near the Pentagon.

At a news conference, FBI Special Agent Brenda Heck had more on the apprehension:

Police around the Pentagon are learning more about a man arrested early Friday morning inside Arlington National Cemetary.

The latest from FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson in Washington:

Fox News has confirmed that the identity of the suspect currently in custody is Marine Corps reservist Lance Corporal Yonathan Melaku. Melaku was arrested in Arlington Cemetary overnight with a backpack - per law enforcement officials the backpack contained 5 lbs of a substance that was labeled ammonium nitrate but tests showed it to be an "inert" substance. A notebook was also found in his bag with words such as Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Further, according to the Leesburg Virginia police dept - a person of the same name and date of birth, from Alexandria was arrested last month breaking into vehicles on May 26 at 3:30 am in Leesburg, 27 vehicles were damaged by Melaku.

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